Money Back Guarantee

We care – Book with Confidence!

Best Holiday Homes offers a cast iron 100% money back guarantee so you can be secured and financially protected.

In the unlikely event that your accommodation is not available on arrival or is located at a completely different resort/ location other than what is described on our website, we will reimburse you in full provided the following conditions are met :

1. You inform us immediately upon arrival

2. You do not accept any money offered by the property manager / owner

3. You do not accept any alternative accommodation offered by the property manager / owner

4. You have not already accepted a refund from the owner or the property manager and you have not reached an agreement of any kind with them

We of course undertake to find alternative accommodation for you should this unlikely situation arise but you will not be obliged to accept and should you accept then no full refund will be due.

Note: When agreeing to the Terms & Conditions of this site, you acknowledge that you are not entering into a contract with Best Holiday Homes Limited. when you make a booking using the software that we provide

Instead you are booking directly with the owner or property manager. The details of the above said contact will be detailed in your booking contract that you agree to when you make an online payment for your booking.